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Yasin Börü's family applied to the Diyarbakır Administrative Court and ..
International Assistance Agency IHO-EBRAR has delivered fast-breaking meal ..
In the village of Kozluca, in Idil, district of Sirnak, two years have pass..
Authors and academicians who participated in “Mawlana Khalid-i Baghdadi” sy..
Approximately two thousand Palestinians, who were held captive in israeli p..
Bookstore operators on the occasion of the Library Week said that the book ..
The Zionists are not shy about declaring that hundreds of thousands of Isra..
Despites its being one of the most important pillars of Islam, most Muslims..
In his annual Hajj message to pilgrims this year, the Rahbar, Imam Seyyed A..
The Holy Sanctuary of Masjid al Aqsa that houses the Aqsa Mosque, Dome of t..
Reader Ahmed Mohamad Ali explains why the Zionists are getting hysterical a..
Ample proof has emerged of the Gulenist cult, backed by the US, in trying t..
Using the garb of Sufism, the self-styled religious preacher, Fethullah Gul..
Britons voted to leave the European Union. Coupled with Turkey’s failed cou..
Sheikh Yassin lived ever since in his humble home in the Al Sabra neighborh..
A native son of Arabia, Mohammad H. Siddiq says there are ‘No freedoms in A..
Muhammad Ali was not only a world-class boxer, he was also a human rights a..
All regimes in the Muslim East (aka the Middle East) are dictatorships rega..
Ten years after Zionist Israel’s war of aggression on Hizbullah in Lebanon,..
Muslims know that Masjid al-Aqsa is under illegal Zionist occupation but mo..
Announcing that cyber-attacks could be responded with conventional weapons,..
Leader of Hizbullah Community Edip Gümüş issued a written message on occasi..
Believers, who were slain by PKK in mosque in Susa village of Silvan distri..
Members of Bani Saud (aka House of Saud) are rotten to the core but how rot..