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IHO-EBRAR reaches Ramadan aid to Gaza

23 Haziran 2017, 09:57 - Okunma: 828

International Assistance Agency IHO-EBRAR has delivered fast-breaking meal to hundreds of poor and orphans in Gaza as well as hundreds food packages containing basic food items under the Ramadan aid program.

The International Charity Organization IHO-EBRAR, which regularly helps to alleviate the pain of the Gaza people who were taken by the occupation zionists into the blockade, distributed basic food items to hundreds of victims and orphans under favor of Ramadan.

Abdurrahman Alpsoy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IHO-EBRAR stating that aid to Gaza under the embargo continues uninterrupted, said, “We distribute iftar meal and food package aid to the poor and orphans in Gaza within the scope of the Ramadan program. The needs of the Gaza people are at the highest level. They have difficulty in supplying even basic needs. With the support of our philanthropists, we are providing monthly cash benefits to dozens of orphans. Our goal is to reach more orphans and victims, and to meet with their needs. That's why we want from our charitable people to increase their support.” (ILKHA)

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