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Two years pass since the murder of M. Şerif and Abdulcelil

15 Haziran 2017, 09:36 - Okunma: 857

In the village of Kozluca, in Idil, district of Sirnak, two years have passed since the murders of HUDA PAR members Muhammed Şerif Şimşek and Abdulcelil Talayhan by HDPs.

Two years have passed since the murders of Muhammed Şerif Şimşek and Abdulcelil Talayhan, the martyrs of the attack of HDPs on May 29, 2015, in the village of Kozluca (Xanikê) of the district of Idil (Hezex) in Şırnak.

While the ”solution process” which started in December of 2012, turned into a simoon for the people of the region, while a cool breeze for PKK. In the process that started, some believed that PKK will quit weapons, but the people of the region were trying to tell them the truth with the price of their lives they gave.

The Muslim Kurdish people, who saw that something had not been solved during the solution process, had strengthened, on the contrary, suffered great in the state-created PKK hegemony for about 3 years. The people of the region who witnessed many savagery, especially on the October 6-7 barbarians, felt the PKK persecution to the hilt.

But the price that the people paid, the pain that they suffered was not seen, it was not wanted to be seen for the process not to be damaged.

Yes, with the theme of “Solution Process”, for 3 years, the people of the region witnessed the brutality, tyranny of PKK, which they had not seen for 30 years. Of course, the progression that accompanied the perception operations was reinforced by the pink-colored news served from the major media centers. Murders, assaults, torture, kidnappings, were seen with small type size or never seen.

Every day, bad news came from different of places to the centers of the press organizations operating in the region.

There was such a news story that came to the press centers. This time an attack took place in Kozluca (Xanikê) village of Idil, district of Şırnak. While working in the village, two villagers who were targets of the bullets from Kalashnikov were cruelly massacred.

Several days to the general elections of June 7, 2015, HDPs who went to Xanikê as part of the "election work" targeted people who did not think like them and they had done the same which they did before in different places.

In the village known for their Islamic sensitivity, there was a military assault when the villagers were asked to HDP convoy to leave the village, who was demonstrating non-Islamic behavior, who did not think like them.

2 farmers who were busy harvesting in their fields, were targeted to the bullets of HPD why they were trying to defusing the provocative of HPD acting. Two wives widowed and nine children were left orphaned.

The HDPs, had mercilessly attacked the public and they consciously went to the village of Xanikê, which Xaniké village targeted by PKK attacks in the 1990s and gave martyrs during those attacks, formed by the people who gave the majority to HUDA PAR.

Muhammad Şerif Simsek, 35, and Abdulcelil Talayhan, 37, who were seriously injured in the attack, lost their lives in Nusaybin State Hospital despite all the interventions.

The attacker Sedat Teber who is member of PKK/HDP surrendered to the gendarme with his father after the incident, and was arrested by the court.

After about a year of trial, the murderer Sedat Teber was sentenced to a total of 42 years, including 18 years for murder and 6 years for possession of guns. Şerif Teber, a pending trial father, was acquitted of the crime of indecent assault despite the witness of the village people, and received a prison sentence of only 6 years for possession of guns.

The highlight of the case is the fact that during the general elections of November 7, HDP Şırnak deputy candidate Av. Veysel Vesek had to join the defense as a defendant lawyer in the trial.

In Kurdistan, the inhabitants of the village of Xanikê, one of the biggest witnesses of the PKK crusade, had witnessed a new murder that they were not foreigners. (ILKHA)

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