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Mawlana Khalid-i Baghdadi symposium

09 Mayıs 2017, 09:42 - Okunma: 915

Authors and academicians who participated in “Mawlana Khalid-i Baghdadi” symposium held in Turkiye’s Bingöl, stated that Mawlana Khalid-i Baghdadi run an understanding and showing the true way which were in perspective of the Qur'an and Sunnah for the construction of Islamic society.

The authors and academicians who participated in “Mawlana Khalid-i Baghdadi and influence of Khalidiyya on Bingöl and its surroundings” symposium held in Bingöl University Faculty of Theology, stated that Mawlana Khalid-i Baghdadi run an understanding and showing the true way which were in perspective of the Qur'an and Sunnah for the construction of Islamic society, and he is one of a good personalities at practices Islam as first sharia and then tarika in the best way.

Authors and academicians evaluated to ILKHA who gave presentations on “Mewlana Khalid-I Baghdadi and influence of Khalidiyya on Bingöl and its surroundings” participated in the symposium on “Mewlana Khalid-i Baghdadi” held in Bingöl.

Dr. Abdurrahman Memiş said that Mewlana Khalid-i Baghdadi is known only as a Sufi and sage of a tarika but actually he was one of the great scholars of his time and that he was a great person who educated himself in the Qur'an sciences.

Memiş said that the initiation of Mewlana Khalid to Islamic Sufism and his subsequent serve is because of the great influence of his knowledge he had at the beginning. “Thus, the correct Islam and correct point of view that he learned became fundamental to his understanding of service and guidance. While Mewlana Khalid spread his Sufism to the broader Islamic countries through his caliphs, he pointed on two main issues he wrote in his letters. First, they should not think themselves important, and the second they should not separate themselves from the Qur'an and Sunnah.”

“Mewlana Khalid did not approach the statesmen, but accept them as servants of the Sufism but certainly not with them and in the frame of which we talk today.”

Life of Mewlana Khalid has become a life in the perspective of Qur'an and Sunnah," said Memiş and added, “He describe Islamic Sufism: As the practice of religion already, as the application of Sharia to the life of man and his complete fulfillment. We see that he is in an understanding and guidance activity from the perspective of the Qur'an and Sunnah, without commenting on Islam at all.”

“He is one of the personality practices of Islam first sharia then tarika in the best way”

Assist. Assoc. Abdulcebbar Kavak, lecturer in Agri Ibrahim Chechen University Faculty of Islamic Sciences Professor of Sufism Department said, “Mewlana Khalid is one of the personalities whose Islamic direction came to the forefront and applied Islam in the most beautiful way, first sharia, and then tarika. The important aspect of Mewlana Khalid showed us the way and to the Islamic world are the sincerity of Ashab, and to the reorganization and utilization of social structure that degenerated and distorted in the Ottoman geography.”

“Mewlana Khalid has tried for a conscious and literate society”

Kavak explains that Mewlana Khalid was very busy for the Islamic society to be a conscious and literate society. “He opened madrasahs in everywhere, every town and every village. The madrasah culture created a consciousness in the Ottoman Empire.”

“Mewlana Khalid is one of the most important personalities of the last 200 years of the Islamic world”

“Mewlana Khalid is a person who has struck the stamp of both Kurdistan and the entire Middle East geography and has determined the flow of history,” said researcher writer Müfid Yüksel stated that “He leaped forward in the sense of science and in the sense of Sufism. We see it as a very important personality that has affected the region and the whole geography with its spiritual personality and continues to be affected. Mewlana Khalid can be considered as one of the most important personalities of the Islamic world in the last two centuries.”

“We can call for Mewlana Khalid is one of the building blocks of the Islamic world”

Yüksel said, “Mewlana Khalid’s tarika has spread till to the Indonesia. A supreme human being who lights the way and continues to enlighten. We need to know this asset, we can call it one of the building blocks of the Islamic world. We are talking about the Islamic world. He has been influential in the last 200 years and became a main fountain at Islamic sensitiveness. The value of such people must be known. Mewlana Khalid is a value for Kurdistan and for the Middle East and for the Islamic world.”

Yüksel, expressed that a negative perception trying to be formed by certain circles in the recent period towards the symbolic personalities of the Islamic world, who came out of the Kurds, “There is a conscious perception against these Islamic scholars, such as Mewlana Abdurrahman Mosque, Mewlana Khalid, Molla Gorani and Bediuzzaman Said-i Nursi. The symbolic figures and scholars in Kurds are trying to be trivialized, trying to demolish these scholars of Islamic symbols. These people are important bridges in society. We need to be able to resist against targeting of these people. We need to protect these values. These are the common values ​​of the region, our geography, the Kurds and the geography of Islam.” (ILKHA)

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