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'The book is the best idea, the best friend'

06 Nisan 2017, 10:17 - Okunma: 972

Bookstore operators on the occasion of the Library Week said that the book should be remembered and read every day and that every Muslim's house should function as a library.

Bookstore operators have been advised on the occasion of the Library Week, which covers March 25 to April 3. The bookstore operators, who are criticized of remembering the book only in the week of the Libraries, stressed that the book should be read every day and become a part of life.

Stating that books have an important place for Muslims, bookstore operators have said that books are the sine qua non of life.

Abdusselam Şanlı, the bookkeeper operator who stated that we should not buy and read every book, stated that scholars and wises should be benefited in the selection of books.

“People who read books are like fruit trees”

Şanlı pointed out that there is a lot of difference between a book-reading society and a society that does not read books, “People who read books are like fruit trees. How fruit trees benefit their environment, also people who read books are the same. They are more knowledgeable, they cover more distance, and they are more corrective.”

“Sometimes a book can affect thousands of people”

People should be choosy while reading books said Şanlı and added, “A variety of books written in the name of Islam and damaging to Islam have emerged. Such books must be identified and filtered. Their names may be attractive. Sometimes a book can affect thousands of people. If there is a rotten apples in a basket, it is necessary to remove it and throw it away, otherwise the other apples will also contaminate. So it is necessary to remove those books, not every piece of information are necessary.”

“Every Muslim should have a library in his home”

Şanlı said that every Muslim should have a library in their house and he said, “Books such as Tafsir, hadith books, fiqh books should also be included in this library. Not reading books societies are declining. Unfortunately we have left reading books.”

“The book is the best idea, the best friend”

Ramazan Yilmaz, the famous bookstore in Diyarbakir, said, “The book is the best idea, the best friend. The book cannot show a demeanor against a person, but rather develops him. The book helps the person to better present himself. The ideas have wings, nobody can catch them.”

“Islam has advised learning from birth to death”

Yılmaz, who proposed to work for the purpose of increasing the reading of books from the authorities, said, “It is possible for work to be done as book reading places in teahouses. It may be for the development of people. Islam has always encouraged people for knowledge. Islam and Prophet of Allah have encouraged us to increase our knowledge, from birth to death. Allah has orders for us to increase our knowledge. Pray of a knowledgeable person and unknowledgeable person are not same. Islam has always directed people to be better and more conscious.”

Yılmaz pointed out that reading societies are more thoughtful, conscious and far from prejudices, emphasizing that ignorance is widespread in the people who do not read books.

Yılmaz finally said, “Reading books make people to think, shapes their morality. Not reading person acts thoughtless, and do wrong.” (M. Sıddık Bilge / M. Hüseyin Temel - ILKHA)

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